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A few weekends ago, I went on a little hike in the Marin Headlands (north of San Framcisco.)  I had been to certain parts of the Marin but not this.   

One of my bros was visiting from out of country so it was nice catching up 🙂 even though I saw him back in January in Singapore.

I really like the idea of “nature walks” aka hiking.  I don’t think I can do this alone because I would lose patience and start running only because it’d be done faster. But as a family outting, it was fun to chitchat, walk, and get lost in the scenery.


Then the following weekend, I went to Berkeley’s Tilden park to watch a trail race.  

I love the energy of a trail race. It’s much more intimate than a normal road race.  

While the race was happening, I walked around alone. I didn’t think I could walk alone for long but I did.  I didn’t run since I was running a half marathon a day after in SF.  I wandered around Lake Anza. It’s probably a one-mile lap but involved some climbing on the tree roots by the water to complete a loop. 

# no filter.  Everything was so GREEN. El Niño, you are amazing. It was so serene and not a soul in sight.


Some parts of the lake had 50 shades of green since its spring! ☘

But we are still in a drought…


And this is pretty cool. If I ran 100 miles, maybe I’d want to put these on my bumper too. I don’t care if people think I’m a nerd.

Then I saw V finish his race. I was inspired to do more trail running.


Or any kind of sweating will do.  Spinning has been fun. I don’t think I can make it a part of my weekly routine but I’ll try to enjoy it whenever I can make it there. Good music and lots of sweat = good endorphins = happy Jess.


I should end the post with something food related 😁 I made a poke bowl at home and it’s so good. Chop up some sushi-grade tuna (I used half pound here) and toss them in soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, and hot sauce. Serve over rice with any toppings you like! So easy.


Hi all!

There are just so much going on with life, I’m not even gonna try to explain.

Promise me you will try these chips if you can find them. They are so good, I was dangerously close to finishing a big bag in one sitting. It’s not as spicy as I expected but still really good and addicting! Even if you don’t like Lays’ thinness, you may like the flavor of this one if you like spicy stuff.


Spent a Saturday morning in Berkeley with interesting sights like this one:

Tasty Pot in Berkeley makes the best individual hot pot I’ve had!  I have yet to try Boiling Point but I really want to.img_4558

I’ve been spinning again. I find that it really helps with my running and is my favorite cardio cross-training. I’m not training for any races now but I want to regain some fitness I lost over past several months!  Here we go. 

But it’s always hard for me to go to a studio/gym. There’s so much time wasted in driving to/from the place and I’d rather spend that time running. It’s the easiest for me physically and mentally. That’s why I can’t stick to any other workouts.  With running, I don’t need to think about it. I just change and go. The world is my gym! 

Let me rant for a minute about taking public transportation to work.  

Usually the Muni line I take is pretty good and reliable. It’s almost always on time and people riding it during rush hour are mostly working professionals.  But at my Muni station, the escalator has been out of service for two weeks. During the morning rush hour, there’s a LINE to go up the stairs.  Since both sides of escalators are down, everyone has to use the stairs. And some people are naturally slow with going up the stairs but the faster people can’t pass the slower persons since we have to go up in single files. 

Ugh, if they can’t fix the escalators in two weeks, when will they ever fix them?

And to end the post on a positive note, let’s talk more food.  I had an amazing burger at Grand Tavern in Oakland past weekend ❤️ I hadn’t had one in a while so it hit the spot. 

And today I discovered a hidden gem of a Vietnamese food in SF. It has some dishes that you don’t normally see.  It’s a scary walk to get there but I think it’s worth the risk 😉 Go at your own risk though. Pictured here are Bun Mam, Hu Tieu, and Banh Mi Xiu Mai. I miss the food in Vietnam!


It’s almost end of March. It is true when people say time passes by faster when you’re old.  They aren’t just making small talks, it’s actually true!