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We’re married!!!  


Individual hotpot at The Flame in Richmond District.  So perfect for a cold night!

Such a treat to see the Golden Gate Bridge from the bottom. This spot is the half-way turnaround point of my favorite half marathon (Giant Race) but I usually don’t pay attention to the surrounding and scenery when I race. This time I was running aimlessly and leisurely in the area and had to stop for photos.

Also ran into a pack of runners doing a city trail race.

Lagoon at Crissy Field.

Fun fact: I was a volunteer in 10th grade (year  2000) to clean up and pot new plants there before it was open to the public.

Maple Bacon GU? Yuck! I got myself some Salted Caramel GU instead. (Clif Shots are still my fav though šŸ˜‰)

Fall in Oakland

Tried a new-to-me Vietnamese noodle soup called Bun Mam.   So good!!  Tastes a lot more complex than pho.