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Speaking of some Hawaiian food, I had some pretty good poke bowl over the weekend!

It was at Simply Bowl in Berkeley. It made my tummy so happy, that’s all I have to say šŸ™‚

I heard that the infamous 85C cafe opened in Berkeley and just had to go and check it out. In fact, we were there on both Saturday and Sunday to get some boba and pastries. The highlight was this iced sea salt drink. After shaking up the foam on top, this drink was a straight-up creamy milk shake. We tried several of their pastries, my personal favorite is the milk brioche.  I could eat the whole loaf in one sitting.  Its very light.

Thanks to Diana, we got to enjoy the truly authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza… Giordano’s…. Straight from our oven! It fueled me well for my trail race the following morning!


The not-so-good meal I had on weekend was this. Maybe I should just conclude that I don’t like corned beef. It doesn’t have enough fat or flavor. The BF said good corned beef needs to be fried really well, and I guess he’s right. This was at Doyle Street Cafe in Emeryville.