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We checked out of our air bnb at 8am and said goodbye to Brooklyn.   We went to the BoltBus stop in Manhattan for our 9:30am ride and spent half hour before boarding looking for restroom in the rain šŸ˜‘

The bus ride was decent yet uneventful. It was comfortable enough and took exactly 4 hours to get to D.C. today.

I love how clean DC metro station and trains are!

We had a late lunch at a fast/casual Korean fusion place near our hotel.  It’s called SeoulSpice.

Then we checked into our hotel and rested for a couple of hours.  Then we headed back out for dinner in Georgetown.  First we rode metro to DuPont Circle.  

Last time I was in DC was 13 years ago.   The only thing I remembered about DuPont Circle was its super tall escalators at the metro.  I was glad to see today that it’s still the same as I remember it to be!

We walked to the Circle. The weather was in low 70s and slightly humid.  Pretty comfortable temps to walk.

So we decided to walk to Georgetown from there. It just took under half hour.

The red-bricked sidewalks and walls were beautiful and very east coasty.  We popped into some stores for shopping.

Then it started to rain so we decided to have dinner at Clyde’s.  


The restaurant has an old-time feel to it.  The food was delicious.

Squid appetizer

Ribeye steak

Crab cake (mostly crab meat and was bigger than appeared in pic) — best thing we ate today 

After dinner, we went to Sprinkles cupcake shop a few blocks down and shared two cupcakes.

Then we called a Lyft to go back to our hotel.  Our driver was a really nice man and gave us a tour of D.C. while driving through the historic buildings and monuments.  

It’s been a pleasant stay in DC so far and I’m looking forward a good nights sleep without the sounds of the train!!!