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We had our first and only full day in DC today!  First time in the whole week, we ran.  We ran from our hotel to National Mall and back, totaling 7 miles.

It was 6am and we totally beat the crowd.

Running was the best way to tour this morning.  We ran by White House, WWII Memorial, Reflection Pool, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and Korean Memorial.  This gave us the rest of the day to tour the inside of buildings and museums.

Lincoln Memorial had no crowd at 6:30am! Here is an awkward self-timer selfie.  We circled back to this area in 15 mins and tour groups were arriving already.

Korean Memorial

We got back to hotel after running exactly 7 miles.   Pit stop at Au Bon Pain for breakfast.

After washing up, we came back on Metro back to National Mall.  The Capitol looks magnificent close up.  It blows SF city hall out of the water.  It is the US Capitol after all.

We had a reservation for 1:30pm to tour the Capitol but the time conflicted with the White House tour time we got.  

The line without reservation was too long, we decided against visiting the inside. I heard the rotunda looks beautiful.  We will have to save it for next time!

There is a tunnel that connects the Capitol to the Library of Congress.  Inside of the Library looks like something you would see in old time Europe.  Such a beauty.

Historic books on display

A couple was doing a wedding photo shoot! So pretty.

Next, Air and Space museum.  Nothing here caught my attention really.  I heard the Air and Space museum in Virginia is much better.

For lunch, we went a mile away to Nando peri peri chicken.  It was SO good!  We need this chain in SF!

Good spices and sauces to complement the moist chicken.

During lunch I found out that I am not allowed to bring my purse inside White House.  So we went back to hotel to drop off my purse and went to White House to tour INSIDE!

We went through a few layers of security.  Then we got inside just past East Wing.   Many photographs of recent First Ladies were displayed in this room.

This display shows china sets used at State Dinner Services by various presidents.

Obama’s set.  Good color!

Green Room

The rooms we toured today are still being used for events.

And my favorite part of the tour was coming out of the front door of the White House! 

I could see crowds of people by the fence, taking pics of the White House.  I’m not gonna lie, I felt special standing on the front steps of the White House and seeing the crowd!

It was such a cool experience to set foot in there and see it up close!

I highly recommend this tour.  You just need to book it 2 months in advance through your Congressman. 

Our next and finally stop was Museum of Natural History. 

Hope Diamond… a rare blue diamond with so much history.

But I found this sapphire to be a lot prettier and shinier.  Love this!!

We came back to hotel after the museum and it was already 4pm.

Later, we went out to dinner with husband’s friend who lives in DC.  Nice bar bites at a British pub called The Alibi.  My first time trying Scotch Egg and it’s good!

Beef Wellington with filet mignon was my fav.

Random sign 🙂

We hung out til 9ish which is pretty late for us 🙂

Tomorrow we are going back to NY>SF!


We checked out of our air bnb at 8am and said goodbye to Brooklyn.   We went to the BoltBus stop in Manhattan for our 9:30am ride and spent half hour before boarding looking for restroom in the rain 😑

The bus ride was decent yet uneventful. It was comfortable enough and took exactly 4 hours to get to D.C. today.

I love how clean DC metro station and trains are!

We had a late lunch at a fast/casual Korean fusion place near our hotel.  It’s called SeoulSpice.

Then we checked into our hotel and rested for a couple of hours.  Then we headed back out for dinner in Georgetown.  First we rode metro to DuPont Circle.  

Last time I was in DC was 13 years ago.   The only thing I remembered about DuPont Circle was its super tall escalators at the metro.  I was glad to see today that it’s still the same as I remember it to be!

We walked to the Circle. The weather was in low 70s and slightly humid.  Pretty comfortable temps to walk.

So we decided to walk to Georgetown from there. It just took under half hour.

The red-bricked sidewalks and walls were beautiful and very east coasty.  We popped into some stores for shopping.

Then it started to rain so we decided to have dinner at Clyde’s.  


The restaurant has an old-time feel to it.  The food was delicious.

Squid appetizer

Ribeye steak

Crab cake (mostly crab meat and was bigger than appeared in pic) — best thing we ate today 

After dinner, we went to Sprinkles cupcake shop a few blocks down and shared two cupcakes.

Then we called a Lyft to go back to our hotel.  Our driver was a really nice man and gave us a tour of D.C. while driving through the historic buildings and monuments.  

It’s been a pleasant stay in DC so far and I’m looking forward a good nights sleep without the sounds of the train!!!