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We had our first and only full day in DC today!  First time in the whole week, we ran.  We ran from our hotel to National Mall and back, totaling 7 miles.

It was 6am and we totally beat the crowd.

Running was the best way to tour this morning.  We ran by White House, WWII Memorial, Reflection Pool, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and Korean Memorial.  This gave us the rest of the day to tour the inside of buildings and museums.

Lincoln Memorial had no crowd at 6:30am! Here is an awkward self-timer selfie.  We circled back to this area in 15 mins and tour groups were arriving already.

Korean Memorial

We got back to hotel after running exactly 7 miles.   Pit stop at Au Bon Pain for breakfast.

After washing up, we came back on Metro back to National Mall.  The Capitol looks magnificent close up.  It blows SF city hall out of the water.  It is the US Capitol after all.

We had a reservation for 1:30pm to tour the Capitol but the time conflicted with the White House tour time we got.  

The line without reservation was too long, we decided against visiting the inside. I heard the rotunda looks beautiful.  We will have to save it for next time!

There is a tunnel that connects the Capitol to the Library of Congress.  Inside of the Library looks like something you would see in old time Europe.  Such a beauty.

Historic books on display

A couple was doing a wedding photo shoot! So pretty.

Next, Air and Space museum.  Nothing here caught my attention really.  I heard the Air and Space museum in Virginia is much better.

For lunch, we went a mile away to Nando peri peri chicken.  It was SO good!  We need this chain in SF!

Good spices and sauces to complement the moist chicken.

During lunch I found out that I am not allowed to bring my purse inside White House.  So we went back to hotel to drop off my purse and went to White House to tour INSIDE!

We went through a few layers of security.  Then we got inside just past East Wing.   Many photographs of recent First Ladies were displayed in this room.

This display shows china sets used at State Dinner Services by various presidents.

Obama’s set.  Good color!

Green Room

The rooms we toured today are still being used for events.

And my favorite part of the tour was coming out of the front door of the White House! 

I could see crowds of people by the fence, taking pics of the White House.  I’m not gonna lie, I felt special standing on the front steps of the White House and seeing the crowd!

It was such a cool experience to set foot in there and see it up close!

I highly recommend this tour.  You just need to book it 2 months in advance through your Congressman. 

Our next and finally stop was Museum of Natural History. 

Hope Diamond… a rare blue diamond with so much history.

But I found this sapphire to be a lot prettier and shinier.  Love this!!

We came back to hotel after the museum and it was already 4pm.

Later, we went out to dinner with husband’s friend who lives in DC.  Nice bar bites at a British pub called The Alibi.  My first time trying Scotch Egg and it’s good!

Beef Wellington with filet mignon was my fav.

Random sign 🙂

We hung out til 9ish which is pretty late for us 🙂

Tomorrow we are going back to NY>SF!


Today was our last full day here in Big Apple.  We’re still working on the dozen bagels from Zucker 😉

I tried going for a run this early AM but it was sprinkling and chilly and I started shivering so I turned around after 3 minutes. No point in running on vacation if I can’t enjoy the run. I will run when I CAN enjoy it.

Later in the morning,  we walked over to the murals in Bushwick neighborhood (Thank you for the suggestion!!) since we are staying nearby!  

Amazing outdoor gallery!

We stopped by one of several hip(ster) cafes.  

I just wanted to use their bathroom… but we came out of the cafe with some delicious pastries! At AP Cafe:

Then we said our goodbyes to Diana and the gang.  They went back to Chicago today.

DH and I set off on our own to the ferry terminal to visit the Statue of Liberty.  

It’s never easy pushing through the tourist crowds at world famous sites like this one. We had to test our patience more than a few times in lines and with annoying people without common decency.

We had a reservation to go up all the way to the statue’s Crown.  (I strangely felt touched to see the statue up close again.  I was an immigrant after all ;))

We were lucky enough to snatch some tickets 3 months ago for crown access.   

The coolest part of this experience was the narrow spiral staircase that got narrower as we reached to the top.  I felt slightly claustrophobic while climbing because it was so narrow and dark.

View from bottom.

The crown itself was pretty small. It can probably fit 6 standing people.  There was not much to see but to look down by the window.

We spent not more than a few minutes there and came back down.

The view from the Pedestal was almost the same as ground level.  I think most visitors were just like us, they just wanted to see and touch the statue up close.

On a random note, do you remember how hard it was to take pics of tall towers before the selfie mode was invented? 😉 Now it’s a breeze.

I ❤️ NY!

We went back to Manhattan after that.  We walked by Charging Bull at Wall Street.   Can you even see the bull in the crowd?!  

NYSE…. where the bell rings at 6:30am PST every weekday.

We went back to Katz’s for lunch today!  Yesterday after eating half a pastrami sandwich from there (and still hungry), I couldn’t stop thinking about it for 10 blocks.  We had to go back for more 🙂 and this time we each got a sandwich! 

Whole sandwich was a lot for one person though. We managed to polish off the plates.  I felt so stuffed afterwards.

It’s 4pm when we finished our late lunch so it was almost like dinner. I had Crack Pie when we got home and DH had fried chicken (whyyy, howwww…??). And that was the end of our hurrah in NY… for now.

Now, we will enjoy the rest of our stay in this $1.2 mil Brooklyn apartment! (Not exaggerating about 1.2 mil)


Off to D.C. tomorrow!

Our journey through Manhattan continued on our Day 3.

We got a dozen of bagels with lox and shmear from Zucker the day before. So we had that for breakfast.  We might have gotten too many bagels for 4 adults, a toddler, and an infant 😉

We first took subway to Central Park.  My DH snacked on chicken kebabs in a bun from a stand.

And we visited CENTRAL PARK

Beautiful green scenery in middle of a busy city.  I would’ve loved to run here today but we are staying far from Central Park on this trip.  I love NY running culture… a lot more runners than SF and it just seems like a united and welcoming community.

After walking in Central Park for some hours, we got hungry and subwayed to the famed Katz’s.  The lunch crowd:

Their pastrami was melt-in-mouth juicy!

I only wished we ordered more!

On the same block, there’s Russ & Daughter (a famous bagel shop) and they also sell candies fruits.

We got a few bags of fruits including those:

Today’s weather was so beautiful.  We enjoyed walking for hours.  After Russ, we walked about half hour up East Village to Momofuku Milk Bar.  Their softserve was really awesome (I had cereal milk and birthday cake flavors swirled together)

Thanks for the pic, Diana 😉

And we got some treats to eat after dinner.  (Their cookies are better than the pies, btw.  I think that was our final verdict after eating them)

We literally snacked our way through the city.  Nutella filled churros….Mmmm…

Papaya King’s hotdog (I didnt have any)

Baohaus buns

Walked through Little Italy

Shared a cannolo (singular for cannoli but who knew?) 

Little Italy is really cute!

It was past 5:15pm and we walked all day since 9:30am. It was time to pick up dinner and relax back at our apt. 

We yelped a halal cart close by in Soho and got our food to go.   The original Halal Guys would’ve tempted us if it weren’t for all their franchised locations all around the US now. This cart was as good as the original Halal Guys!

I got chicken and lamb over rice and I loved it.

There’ve been so much walking past 3 days. Time to rest my feet!

Our second day’s itinerary was a visit to Manhattan.  So this included taking the subway with the little ones.  We (or was it just me) didn’t know that subway system here is not stroller- and handicap-friendly.  Most stations had no elevators or escalators.  So the adventure.

We got to Chelsea Market by 10am.

It’s quiet at 10 (people started pouring in after 11)

It’s a food market so we snacked our way through the vendors.

Seafood market 

Lobster bisque… oh so rich.

Pies from Tuck Shop.  One pie with Guinness steak and another with chicken green curry. Both were very good.

A place called “Very Fresh Noodle” that serves very fresh handpulled noodles.

It’s one long piece of noodle in the bowl!

Walked and walked and walked….

The weather was so icky.  My shoes were soaked the whole time.

Thanks to the shower, Time Square was not crowded!

We came across Wafels and Dings by Bryant Park so we had to get some Belgium waffles with spekaloo spreads.  I love them!!  

Bryant Park was lush and green.

Next stop was NY public library.

It was such a zoo inside with so many tourists (like us) taking pics, how are these people even studying or reading?  Visitors were not allowed to enter the reading area but were allowed to stand by the door to take pics (like how I took those pictures)


Marble columns on first and second floors 

A quick visit to Grand Central Terminal

And a visit to Grand Central Market

And we subwayed back to Brooklyn to our apt and got some Mediterranean food to go from a neighborhood takeout place.


We enjoyed the sunny San Diego for a long weekend a few weekends ago.  It was such a nice break from a streak of heavy rains in the Bay Area that seemed to last forever.

We used our frequent flyer miles to fly free for this trip! Thank you, United! 

We did a little bit of (mostly window) shopping at Fashion Valley Mall.

It was the Lunar New Year’s Day!

Went to this cute part of town. No idea what else was there.

We yelped some taco places and ended up here as our first meal: El Zarape

We had some time to kill before checking into hotel so we checked out Ocean Beach and the pier.  There was a small yoga fair happening…

For dinner, we found this carribean restaurant called Embargo Grill and checked it out. It was so delicious and the pisco sours I had was strong! 

Then we stopped by Hammond’s Ice Cream for a little sampler of scones. They were so small and not enough to be shared.

So we drove to a nearby mall to look for more treats! (Somebody wanted DQ… ahem) 

Both malls we went to were outdoor and they’re both nice and airy.  Considering how nice San Diego weather is year round, I can see why the malls are outdoor.

Next morning, I went on a semi long run from our hotel to Balboa Park.  V went running on his own and we ran into each other at the park. (This happens a lot back home too.) The pic below was taken with a self-timer on my phone 😄

Balboa Park has a bunch of small museums grouped together. Really beautiful architecture!

After the run and washing up, we went out for brunch at another taco place: Oscar’s.  We both agreed the food here was even better than the previous day.

We figured we should squeeze in a little sightseeing on this trip (having been to the zoo and Seaworld years ago and didn’t want to go again) so we decided to check out La Jolla Cove. 

We didn’t know what to expect to see at La Jolla, but we were both so wowed by many sea lions there. 

They were napping so close to the parking lot! They didn’t give a damn about people watching them.

Later in the day, we went to V’s cousin’s wedding at a church.

The reason why we went on a somewhat impromptu trip to San Diego: to witness their marriage!

It was a short and sweet dessert reception. It was over by about 4pm.

We went out to dinner later for some drinks and BBQ at Woodranch.

Next morning, on our last day, I went out for a short 3-mile run around the hotel and this was the view from the parking lot!  (I miss Hawaii!)

Mirror selfie #OOTD pose.  Ready for brunch!

Later, we checked out of hotel and drove to Del Mar about 20 minutes north of San Diego to meet up with my cousin and her husband.  It was a warm day and we hadn’t seen this much sun in a while so we soaked it all in.  There was a yoga class in session at the beach! 

Our brunch at Jake’s was very good.

Their take on SF’s ciopinno.  

Then we headed back to the airport to go home. Airport has a Phil’s BBQ location and we didn’t know it’s such a well known place down in SD.  Their original location has over 10,000 reviews on yelp and 4.5 stars!

That’s all for a 3-day trip! 

It’s already February… I will do a 2017 resolution update very soon 🙂 

My husband V and I went to Seattle over the MLK holiday weekend just for two nights. We had some points with Southwest that paid for most of our airfares.   

Since the trip was 2 weeks ago, I’m just going to post some highlights.

It was our second time in Seattle but our first time going there together.  Our goal of the weekend was to relax and eat as much as possible! That can easily be done on any trip 🙂

(I actually DO love Diet Coke)

Our cute air bnb apartment close by Pike’s Place.

We went to Pike’s Place a few times during our stay and tried as much food as we could manage to eat.  

Piroshky Piroshky… warm and buttery.

Beechers‘ Mac and cheese. I thought it was not bad…. but $11 for a small cup where you have to eat by a counter (most ppl had to stand and eat on street) was a highway robbery.

Pike’s Place looked as cute as ever and more fun with many people walking around.

And we got more food to-go to eat at our air bnb.

Next morning, we got up and early to walk to Pike’s Place.

First stop was the famous The Crumpet Shop.  This place gets packed later in the day and usually sells out of crumpets by the late afternoon. We went there at 8am and had the place all to ourselves!

Crumpets were very good, especially the sweet maple butter one.

Then… of course we had to stop by the world’s very first Starbucks location. 

I ordered a chai latte and they made me a regular latte. It’s okay, I forgave them.  

We walked to Space Needle.

I tried to pick a banana from a tree nearby but it was too tall.

Walked up a hill to Kerry Park. Don’t go in the morning, it’s against the sunlight so it’s hard to see the view. 

Then we took uber to another part of town, Fremont. I wanted to see this troll but expected it to be much larger than this.

Food highlight of the trip: this Caribbean meal at Paseo Carribean. Scallops over rice plate and a big fat sandwich.

After lunch, we went back to downtown to do a little bit of (window)shopping and went back to our air bnb to rest.

We really wanted to try Pike Place’s chowder but we didn’t want to wait in line nor we wanted to eat standing up at a corner. So we opted for a restaurant in Bell Town to chow down and the food was good! The place was called Local 360 and they serve locally sourced food.

My favorite thing at this place: Poutine with a twist.

Double chocolate creme brulee 

On our last day, we had to go to Seattle’s most famous donut shop: Top Pot, for breakfast. Might I say, it was 6am. What can you say, we are morning people 🙂 

Maple bar with bacon bits, Bavarian cream filled donut, lemon frosted donut, and our cups of coffee. Mine was ovaltine latte! (I grew up with ovaltine in Burma!)

It was the shortest trip we had even taken together but it was still really nice to have this change of scenery! 

Happy Holidays!

We visited Chicago to celebrate Christmas with my now in-laws!

I didn’t take many pics but my husband created a 7-minute video to capture the highlights of our holidays!

Happy New Year!

This is our last full day in Barcelona!

It’s raining hard in the morning so we scratched our plan to run. I got a simple cheese and tomato on baguette for breakfast and it was the best sandwich I had on this trip! 

I’ve been enjoying those simple sandwiches here with either cheese, jamon (Spanish prosciutto) or both. So simple and salty but delicious!

We had done all the sightseeing we wanted to do in Barcelona. So today we decided to go out of town for a day trip.

We took a train to Montserrat mountains an hour away from Barcelona.

Then waited for the big gondola ride (Funicular) to take us to the top of the mountain.

It’s a rainy foggy day and it’s a little more chilly than Barcelona out here.  The leaves were bright yellow! So pretty.  It was already a little foggy on the mountain as you can see.

The gondola ride fits 30 people at a time.

It was the most scenic gondola ride I’ve ever been on.  SOO magical.

An hour train ride was already worth it with this view.  

When we got to the top, the fog was already thick and we couldn’t see much of the mountain anymore.   There is a small village and a monastery with a basilica.


And the basilica:

Candles in different colors were lit. Such a peaceful, serene sight.

As you can see in my pictures, Barcelona doesn’t appear to be as touristy as other big cities like Paris. Maybe it’s their off peak season? 

It’s so nice not to see many tour groups and selfie sticks and we could take pictures without a lot of people in the background.

We had some time before coming back down on gondola. We warmed up with cafe con leche and a croissant 🙂

The gondola ride back down had no view. It was completely white-out by fog.  Such a shame because there were just us two in the car!

Then we took an hour long train back to central Barcelona.

Since it’s our last day here, our eating plan was to eat all the tapas we will miss. We went back to the tapa counter on our first day here to order our favorite tripe entree.

Beer for the Mr. and cava for the Mrs. 

This place served us amazing food again. We also ordered mussels and an octopus plate with lots of bread to soak up all that sauce and olive oil!

La Bouqueria has a few tapa counters. We could still eat more so we went to another tapa counter called Pinotxo Bar to order a few snack items. 

The place was made famous by Rick Steves in one of his old pbs episodes. He ordered chickpeas.  So everyone at the counter was also eating chickpeas.

So we ordered just that, plus our drinks (coke light and coffee) and a croissant to scoop up the oil in chickpeas.

The chickpea dish was indeed pretty good and I would love to make it at home.  When I said that to V, the server heard us and told us how to make it 🙂 I’m not sure it will taste like it when we make it at home, but basically he said to cook chickpeas in olive oil with garlic, tomato, onion, sea salt, parsley, chimmichurri sauce (I believe it contains beef) and a splash of balsamic vinegar.   The chickpeas were softer than canned beans. I will need to use my Instant Pot and make this dish at home SOON!

Then I picked up some fancy Mediterranean salt flakes as souvenirs. 

V got his juice from juice stand. 4th time on this trip but who’s counting?  Me 😉 

This was coconut milk with pineapple.

Lettuce? Pretty big.

Walking around the Gothic Quarter and El Born district was one of our favorite things to do on this trip and we have already spent countless hours doing that. It’s just very relaxing and interesting to people-watch and shop at European stores we’ve never been to or heard of.

Christmas decorations and snow globes were being set up.  I bet the town is going to look very festive in a week.

For dinner, our last chance at tapas, we walked around for a while until we decided on one that appealed to us the most.  And we were so satisfied by what they had to offer. Bueno!

We got a chocolate cake to go for dinner from Bubo. It won the world’s best chocolate cake many years ago and is still their best seller.

So decadent and a perfect ending to our meal!
Day 8: Going back home!

Our flight was at noon. We started the day with a 4-mile run then went to Pans for breakfast. One last visit! Who knows when we will be back in Barcelona again.

They burnt my croissant sandwich and I had to exchange it for a fresh one. Here is a burnt croissant and a fresh one I got in exchange. Hmm.

So sad that honeymoon has come to an end but also very excited to go back home to start the new chapter of our lives together!  There will be many more adventures in our future. 

Plus it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow 🙂 


For breakfast, we had mini brioche and empanadas.

Empanadas shop/bakery:

And FINALLY, after 5 days in Barcelona, we were finally at Barcelona’s most iconic attraction and Antoni Gaudi’s most famous work: Sagrada Familia church.

It’s so much bigger than I pictured it in my mind based on what I saw in other people’s pictures.

One of my pet peeves is when the top of the buildings we want pictured gets cut off in pictures. I’m grateful for this man who took pics for us. He even moved around to get good shots. But  why couldn’t he point the camera up just a littlemore to get the whole building? :/ Look here:

We were early and there weren’t people around who could take pictures for us especially in the rain. 

The interior was also pretty magnificent.  We listened to an audio tour to get a better understanding of all these unique designs.

Stained glasses are warmer toned where the sun rises.

The back side of the church. 

Sagrada Familia is still under construction and is expected to be completed by 2026…. the centenery of Gaudi’s death.

We finished touring around 10am and were hungry again.  We went to a random cafe for brunch!

It was pretty heavy and held us over until dinner time.

We took it easy for the rest of the day. We went to La Boqueria AGAIN… but to buy fresh seafood to cook this time.

Then Carrefour supermarket for produce and more.

And picked up fresh bread from a bakery.

We spent some time walking the alleys in Gothic Quarter again before retiring back at our place for dinner.

Dinner was served!  We finished everything surprisingly because it looked like so much food.

We used the dried mushrooms from farmers market a few nights ago. Cooked with white wine, garlic, and olive oil.

It was still early in the evening around 6pm. So we got out to get desserts.

Churros and hot chocolate seem to be a thing here. Many places advertise that they have it. So we curiously had to try!

The churros were different from Mexican churros we are used to back home. The ones we had here had more glutinous/sticky texture and not covered in cinnamon sugar.  Just a light sprinkle of sugar.  I would get those again! So good to dip in hot chocolate.

V still had sweet tooth after churros and hot chocolate (wth?!?)

And that was the end of our early night!

Sunday today.  We had our leftover paella from previous night for breakfast but still hungry. So we went to Pans two blocks away. 

I like their bread! I had tomato purée on toasts with olive oil. Light but yum.

Such a cute chain!

This is in some post cards and I didn’t know we are staying 2 blocks from there.

After breakfast, we took Metro to our tourist attraction of the day: Park Montjuic.

We had to transfer to a Tram to get there.

Park of Montjuic. It’s a neighborhood and a park on a hill with some touristy things to do such as museums and an amusement park.

Tested out the self-timer mode again on my phone. It worked fine but I found my  Nikon takes much better pictures. But iPhone is so much more portable!  

The view of Barcelona

The view from top was breathtaking.

After gazillion photos later, we walked down the steps to the square and the fountain in the above picture where people were hanging out.

The view changed as we descended the steps. Reminded me of the steps of Sacre Caer. 

We walked down the street to check out this Arena which has been turned into a shopping mall. Because it’s Sunday, all the stores were closed except the mall’s food court.

We went to a tapa chain restaurant right outside the mall, called Tapa Tapa.  We pointed out the pictures on the menu to order a couple of items.

These shrimps were amazing! Fresh and salty.

Patatas Bravas and grilled veggies 

Great simple tapas! I liked them a lot. 

All the sightseeing and walking in previous days made us tired so we didn’t do much else for the rest of the day until dinner time. 

We had a reservation at a restaurant called 2254 at their opening time at 7:30pm (considered early for dinner).  V came here earlier this year and liked it a lot so he wanted to bring me here on our honeymoon 😊

The restaurant’s cuisine is described as “a different style of tapas” or tapas with a twist.

We chose to do this tasting menu.

Some of the highlights from dinner included oysters with butter caviar.

Guac and sardines with caramelized skin… loved the presentation and the flavors.

Potato mochi with truffle flakes in mushroom sauce…. this was my fav item, the mochi was so delicate.

I’m not a big fan of foie gras but it’s a delicacy and they were generous with it. 

The dinner was almost 3 hours long and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

The dessert they served as the last course was hazelnut cake with a small scoop of ice cream… just not enough!

We needed to have more on our walk back. 

Full belly after some red wine means a good night’s sleep 🙂 

As you can see in my recent posts, food has been the central part of this trip! All we wanna do is a little bit of sightseeing, then napping/resting, then planning what to eat next.