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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Spring is here!

I haven’t run a good race in over 1.5 years and I’m bored of running slow.  I’m going to change things up a bit with my running!

Ever since I started running five years ago, I focused on running long distance races.  Now to change things up, I am signed up to do a 5K race 7 weeks from now.  Because I did no speed workouts for the last 1.5 years, I’ve lost quite a bit of running fitness.  Track workouts and tempo runs will be back in my life again.  They are keys to getting faster.

My (preliminary) goal for this upcoming 5K is 23 minutes or under.  That’s 7:23 pace.  I’m not in shape now but I think it’s doable.  The only other short race I’ve run was a 10K and I ran a 7:26 pace… two years ago when I was much fitter.

I will document my training journey for the next seven weeks.  Writing about it on the blog will hold me accountable to continue training hard šŸ™‚

Today (Saturday), I squeezed in a short track workout during my 10 miler.  I warmed up with 5 miles easy then did 10 x 1 minute at my neighborhood track.  I ran 1 minute fast, 1 minute of jog/recovery, and repeated 10 times.  I set my Garmin to beep every minute at track and I didn’t even look at my watch for pace.  My FAVORITE part of each speed workout is reading the pace afterward!  It’s so satisfying.


It’s my first track workout in a long time so short intervals were a good start.  There’s much progress to be made in the next few weeks.  I’m excited for the new training cycle!


A brief race report:

I ran Rock n Roll San Francisco half marathon three weeks ago.  I ran 1:59 and it was my second slowest half marathon to date!!!  My slowest was my first ever half marathon in 2012 and finished at 2:01.  This shows how unfit I’ve become (and it kicked me in the rear to train again.)

My favorite part of the course was this….  there was a major hill to climb toward Golden Gate Bridge, and there were pictures of fallen soldiers lining the course for a good half mile or longer.  It’s such an emotional, touching part of the race.

My second favorite part of the race course was running on Golden Gate Bridge.  The highlight for me was seeing my dad on my return route on the bridge.  We highfived each other but our hands missed and we just kept running.

Finish line was pretty crowded but it’s normal.

My dad finishing his very first half marathon!  We couldn’t be more proud.

He has his eyes on a PR in his next race in August!

Have a nice weekend, and Happy Easter to those who celebrate!


What is old? What is Aging? What do you considered as “old”?

I truly believe you are what you feel inside. If you feel young inside, you’re truly young.

But this week, I started to ponder if I am truly crossing the bridge to the “old” side.  My old boss passed away this week.  

Normally a former coworker passing wouldn’t have caused me to think much (as we have had news like this about retirees in recent years) but this time its making me think a little deeper.  For one, I’ve taken over his office space 8 years ago.  He retired in 2009 and I had taken over his role in the program and crawled my way up to his position.  And as I was sitting in his former office, which is now mine for the past 7+ years, I started to reminisce about my former boss.

He was a good man and a good manager.  He was 70+ when he retired.  After his retirement, he came to visit our group for lunch once in 2009 or 2010. That was when I last spoken to him.   I would’ve kept in touch with him but we had nothing else in common except our research program and I had a feeling he would rather enjoy his retirement and not be associated it with our program anymore.

So this got me to thinking about aging and getting old.  

Sure, age is just a number and we all say that, but there are certain events in life that make you feel older than you feel. It could be your closest friend getting married but you’re not; maybe your friend giving birth to their third child, or spotting that first gray hair or the first time noticing those deep crow’s feet around your eyes; or it could also be the people you crossed path in your life starting to die.

To me, the deaths of people I know is what makes me feel old.   Death is just a part of life… the end of life… and we all struggle to accept it for what it is.  

I am approaching 33 years old, and I just found out from my dentist today that I need to take out my 4th wisdom tooth. I got 3 wisdom teeth taken out many years ago and thought I could get away with not getting the 4th taken out, but what could I say… that 4th wisdom tooth is poking out of my gum at this ripe old age of 33.

So yes I will be getting my wisdom tooth pulled out some time at the age of 33.

So this is enough thoughts for today.  I think I will continue to write picture-less posts in the future.

My reading pile for the next 2-3 months.  Two from the library and the rest from my sister.

There’s something pleasurable about reading from actual books. It’s so comforting and cozy to read from a real book.  Print isn’t dead yet. There are people who refuse to do ebooks because real books give them the pleasures that ebooks cannot.   Now I understand.  I look forward to coming home from work, have dinner then immerse myself into whatever book I’m reading. 

Currently I’m reading Still Alice from the pile.  The books I mentioned in my last post were also SO good, I’m so happy that I’m finally discovering books that I love again.  Last whole year I felt like I was in a reading rut.  I’m rediscovering my love for books and loving this feeling!