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Monthly Archives: May 2016

The second most romantic city I’ve been to is San Franciso. (THE most romantic city is of course PARIS!)

Being tourists in your own city can be real fun.  Two days later, I just realized I forgot to take photos!!!  These are all I have.  I ❤️ SF! 

It was really great to have my future SIL and family here for the weekend! 

Grounds covered past weekend: Ferry Plaza farmers market, the piers, Portero Hills skyline, Marin Headlands, Sausalito, and Mills Valley.  Plus my usual stomping grounds of Outter Sunset and Richmond.

Fun fact: if you google “Jess did what” with spaces between each word, you will get suggestions of Jesus did what…. Hmm 🤔  Just google “jessdidwhat” instead to find my site, ok?


I had never eaten out so much in one week except on vacations! 

Birthday week was fun and busy with family visiting from out of town and then getting together with the loved ones for what we like to do best together — eating!

Turning 32 felt a bit different from the past birthdays.  I definitely do not feel old or wish I were younger. I am approaching middle age though (to me middle age is 35)!  I am happy with where I am in life yet there are still so much more I want to experience in life.  Here is a toast to myself to many more birthdays 😁 Cheers 🍷