Happy 2016!!!

I realized I don’t have much free time on the trip to update the blog so I will summarize two days into one post 🙂

Yesterday was New Year’s Eve and was our first full day in Paris.  We reserved tickets to go up Eiffel Tower and skipped the line that looked to be a few hours long.   I thought this was a low season in Paris…

Going up to the top was awesome on a sunny day!  Great views of the city!


You can see the longggggg line forming below me under the tower.   People can save HOURS of their precious time in Paris by reserving the tickets ahead of time and skip the line…

There’s an ice skating rink on Eiffel Tower on its second level right now:


After Eiffel Tower, we walked to the Christmas Market near the base of Eiffel Tower.


Got some food to eat there: crepe, sausage, and potatoes.


Another ice skating rink to watch while eating

Then we went to a carousel (merry-go-round) by the Eiffel Tower and rode on it.

A moment later (not on carousel), I had the biggest surprise of my life.  And now my BF is my Fiancé 😀

I was pretty much speechless and shocked for some time!  We walked around Trocadéro afterwards and went to Napoleon’s Tomb nearby.

Even though the place was magnificent, we were in no mood to continue touring.  We figured we should call our family and friends to deliver them the big news, so we cancelled our plan to go to a museum and came back to our apartment.

For NYE night, we walked around Latin Quarter and St. Germaine to shop for souvenirs. I love the area… It has both tourists and locals hanging out and was quite a fun, festive atmosphere. We spent our entire evening here.


Had a lovely celebratory dinner and drinks to ring in the new year.


Today (New Year Day)

We ran in Luxembourg gardens for about 20 minutes.  (I am loving my neon pink running top. I am also loving not wearing my garmin.)

Today is New Year Day so most museums and attractions are closed in Paris.  The only museum opened (from our list) was Musee D’Orsay so we decided to go there first thing.

Glad I didn’t get kicked out for doing jumps.

We ran up to 5th floor to see the famous clock.

Then in the next room, we found that there’s another clock and they built a fancy cafe directly there for the suckers (us included) but it’s worth it because we sat in front of the clock and took selfies while sipping coffee 😛


The cafe is called Cafe Campana.  Its one of those places that you go for ambiance, not for food.

D’Orsay houses many famous pieces by french artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, Rodin, Renoir, and many more.

Look for someone’s head in the pic above

We beat the crowd because by the time we were done at 12:30 pm, there were big lines forming outside. Early birds get the worms??

Next, we went to Arc de Triumph.  It’s closed for the holiday so we will have to come back to climb up the arch.

We walked around Champs-Elysee and ate at a super tourist-trappy place called George V Cafe. 7 euros for a bottle of water 😡

I got a croque madame. (I know I know, I just wanted to take a pic of my 💍 lol)

At 2pm, we watched a New Year Day Parade on Champs Elysee.  It was not anything super spectacular but still good to see.


We then walked to Seine River to do a scenic cruise tour.  Today was a VERY chilly day unlike yesterday and I was a bit under-dressed.  We stayed inside for most of the ride.

Most restaurants were closed and our neighborhood supermarket was also closed for New Year Day.  We decided to take away some crepes which turned out to be a very good decision.  Look at that CHEESE!

I’m starting to miss Asian food though!