Our first stop in our itineraries was Chicago.   We are spending a few days with my BF’s family (Hi Diana!) for Christimas before flying out to Paris.


We had a pajama party of sort by wearing matching elf pj’s. And most of us did go to bed in them 😉

Giada the Saint Bernard is so fluffy and makes a great pillow!


Ruff ruff

The weather in Chicago has been expectedly cold and wet (30-40F). It’s pretty cold to me but the people in Chicago said to me that this was the warmest Christmas they’ve had in years!

We stopped by Al’s Beef original restaurant. Italian Beef is totally a Chicago thing (not italian) and I had never had it or heard of it until my first visit to Chicago last year. In fact, most people visiting Chicago are more excited in trying a deep dish pizza than the Italian Beef. But Italian Beef is a lot harder to come by outside of Midwest so I try to eat it when I can. 

It is a sliced beef sandwich dipped in meat gravy, served with peppers.  Very messy and delicious. I got the “combo” Italian beef which comes with a sausage inside my sandwich and the beef. 


And we ate standing up at the counter not wasting a second.

After stuffing ourselves, we walked around Maggie Daley Park next to Millennium Park.

You can see the Chicago skyline from Maggie Daley Park, so that was pretty cool!

A perfect mirror selfie spot at the park


And we walked over this bridge to Millennium Park where The Bean is located. 


There it is!

But the crowd though… 


I still felt the need to take a few selfies. Why not? It’s not everyday I come to Chicago 🙂

The iceskating rink was directly behind the bean.

I have more to update but it will be in another post.   Happy holidays!